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EcoLink integration marks a pivotal step in our commitment to enhancing the capabilities of insurance agencies through cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions.

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A leading provider of integrated cloud communication solutions for insurance and financial agencies.
An industry pioneer offering agencies managed IT infrastructure, solutions, connectivity, training, and support.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Ecolink Integration

EcoLink delivers a multitude of advantages for insurance agencies by streamlining Client Communications and optimizing daily operations.

Cost Savings

Competitive pricing and discounts provide significant savings for all your business communication and integration requirements.

Improved scalability

As the needs and requirements of our members expand, we evolve alongside them, continually revising and restructuring to achieve optimal efficiency.

Enhanced Data Retention

As the needs and requirements of our customers change, we evolve alongside them, continually revising and restructuring to achieve optimal efficiency and data retention.

Dedicated Management

A strategic blend of dedicated customer service and robust support ensures heightened efficiency and adaptability.

Elevated Compliance

Enhancing security with integrated measures to safeguard data, ensuring robust data redundancy, and fostering compliance.

Optimized Performance

Elevating agent performance through seamless optimization, ensuring peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Harnessing the Power of Integration™

EcoLink Cloud Integration Platform

Seamlessly integrate your RingCentral UCaaS with your agency management system to streamline client communications and boost agent productivity.
Transforming Client Communications

The complete cloud communication solution

Easily manage client relationships from anywhere with a unified platform that integrates phone, messaging, fax, and video services.




Streamlining Business Communications

Small business simplicity, big business features

Deploying premium audio and video products so you can communicate at your best using RingCentral - anywhere, anytime, every time.
Business Phones
Professional Headsets
Personal Video
Consolidating IT Infrastructure

Unified IT technology for your entire workforce

Experience the pinnacle of innovation with a comprehensive IT infrastructure solution, strategically backed by a single point of contact, billing, and support.
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Why EcoLink Integration is Crucial to Your Agency Growth

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Customer Satisfaction
Agencies are significantly elevating customer satisfaction by facilitating seamless and efficient interactions.
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Agent Productivity

Optimizing agent performance by streamlining communication channels and providing a unified platform.

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Total Cost

Lowering total operational costs by consolidating communications and improving efficiency.

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Return on Investment

Increasing ROI by optimizing communication processes and reducing operational inefficiencies.

Why Choose Us

We developed Low-Cost Bundled Solutions to Empower Your Agency's Growth.

Our exclusive integration platform is designed to help agencies lower costs and provide an unparalleled customer experience.
Customer Feedback

What Agencies Are Saying?

Ever since adopting EcoLink into our operations, our call handling no longer relies on a traditional receptionists, leading to a remarkable 25% boost in agent performance over the past year.
S. Fanelli
VP of Operations
Shapiro Insurance Group
We're thrilled to have discovered a highly experienced company specializing in voice-data integrations for RingCentral-AMS360, empowering us to expand and enhance our business operations.
J. Colglazier
Embracing the integrated IT solutions provided by EcoLink has been a game-changer for our insurance agency. It has not only streamlined our operations but has significantly boosted efficiency and productivity.
C. Masters
VP of Sales - GTI

Frequently Asked Questions

EcoLink is the response to the rising demand in the private insurance sector for scalable voice and data integration solutions.
A collaborative effort with RingCentral and Vertafore and extensive feedback from hundreds of insurance agencies and industry experts.
EcoLink is an online cloud-based platform designed to function independently with the RingCentral phone system or with RingCentral MVP and Vertafore MS360/ImageRight.
EcoLink integrates with RingCentral and Vertafore applications to match and display caller information, route calls to account owners, and archive incoming and outgoing call history, SMS, digital fax, audio recordings, voicemail, and attachments.
EcoLink is constantly updated based on valuable feedback from the insurance community. The upcoming versions will include email, Teams, CRM, and other capabilities for a complete multi-channel solution.
Yes, Ecolink can automatically open the AMS360 account page or other 3rd-party applications before or after the call is answered.
Yes, if a proper API is available, EcoLink can be developed to work with another application or phone system.
EcoLink will display the first matching record in a dropdown menu allowing the agent to choose from multiple accounts.

Yes, EcoLink will display the active Suspense in the agent portal when a customer task is present. And all call history, voicemail, fax, and SMS communications from RingCentral will be archived as Activity.

Seven layers of security and redundant data centers ensure user protection and the highest availability.

Our Vision

Transform operations with groundbreaking technology, elevating business efficiency, connectivity, and sustainability seamlessly and impactfully.

Our Values

Our goal is to cultivate a trust-driven ecosystem, nurturing mutual growth and shared expertise to propel collective progress.

  • January 5 2024

EcoLink introduces new features for enhanced integration with RingCentral MVP allowing agencies to boost agent productivity.

  • December 13, 2023

EcoLink achieves seamless integration with vertafore QQCatalyst to offer customers a seamless and powerful experience.

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